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Assumption College Ubonratchathani

English instruction is given precedence at our school as it is the medium for our school. Our school cooperates with Orient Black Swan publishing company to design and develop a curriculum to cover both the school’s academic needs as well as the school’s vision in following the scope and sequence of each subject to compare with the international curriculum.In order to compare our school’s subject contents at an international standard level, most of the textbooks have been published in-house including vocabulary books, CD-ROMs, and reading aloud books. Furthermore, students fromkindergarten 3, second grade, fifth grade, seventh grade, and eleventh grade are required to take the Foundation of Saint Gabriel Standard Test (FSGST)-a test developed abroad.

To provide an opportunity for our students to take an international English standardized test, our school opened the Cambridge ESOL Examination Center on September 9 th, 2009. Students from ACU as well as students from area schools take the test every year.

Every year we organize study tours for our students to gain more experience by traveling and studying abroad in countries such as theUnited States of America, England, India, Singapore, Taiwan and China.

Our school isknown for both its quality and professionalism. There are many buildings and facilitiesthat many schools in northeast Thailand are not as fortunate to have.

In 2013, our school built a new building which included classrooms and many sections, such as, Sirindhorn Library, Computer Lab,iPad Lab,Multiple Intelligence Room, Dome of Wisdom, Chapel of graces, De Montfort Hall , Thai and international music Room, Dance and Art Room, Counseling Room, clean and modern canteen. Assumption University also open an international Master Program at the new building. In addition the school also have a sports field, a swimming pool practice vocational center and Business Incubation Center (BIC) which will be the life skills development center. Here the students life skills which will be used in real life situations.

Our school realizes that teacher development is key to student’s success.Therefore, we provide the opportunity for the teachers, who are interested in improving English skills,to study in the U.S., Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and the Philippines. Furthermore,some teachers have been selected to study Master Degree in their field to provide the highest quality of education for their students.

Our school’s mission follows that of a Catholic institution; all students are taught moral and ethical values through the “Values Education” curriculum as well as “Character Formation” of Saint Louis Grignion De Montfort which teaches that we should share our knowledge with others. We believe that these methods can improve the academic and social competence of our students effectively. We strive to educate our students in this way so they understand their value to both themselves and to society.

Moreover, we supervise and follow various methods of external and internal observation. Supervision is done both internally and externally. For example, The Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment monitors our school periodically. It is done before, between and after visiting.

Since the founding of Assumption College Ubon Ratchathani, the quality of education provided to our students has improved annually, as a result of which our student body has increased. This ensures that our students are well-equipped for university. Hence, they are accepted by a lot of reputable universities. Therefore, the school has been provides adiverse educational foundation which allows students to pursue and excel at various careers in Thai society. The aim of our school is to support and provide for students at each stage of development be it physical, cognitive, emotional, and social. We set aside funds for gifted students as well as for underprivileged students so that equitable opportunities are provided to students irrespective of their background. We are proud that our school in well-known for instilling self-worth, character, and good behavior.

The future and vision of Assumption College Ubon Ratchathani is to maintain a competitive international standard. This applies not only to the academic sphere but also carries over to extracurricular activities including language proficiency and technological know-how. We must be aware of our unique cultural traits and express it in creative ways. Education should also include morality, responsibility, democracy, awareness of human rights, maintain a drug-free nation, and to make a conscious effortto be honest, punctual, disciplined, and proud of our Thai identity. Our central goal is to develop world citizens who can co-exist and attain the best that life has to offer.



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